Lyn Freeman, Ph.D., LPC

Lyn Freeman, Ph.D., LPC

Lyn Freeman is a specialist, researcher, and consultant of mind-body programs and behavioral medicine interventions as treatment for chronic disease. She is the CEO/ President of Mind Matters Research LLC, an Alaskan-based research and behavioral medicine treatment center. Between 2004 and 2011, Dr. Freeman was principle investigator for a Phase I and II National Cancer Institute-funded research study of an imagery program she created for breast cancer survivors. The imagery program, entitled for the public as "Envision the Rhythms of Life," produced statistically and clinically significant outcomes in both phases. The Intervention was tested with survivors in Alaska and Washington state. The Intervention was specifically designed to deal with stress, chemo-brain, fatigue, sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression and other late-term and long-term effects of cancer and its treatments.

Dr. Freeman has authored academic textbooks, chapters and medical manuals on the evidence, benefits and limitations of complementary and alternative medicine. Her most recent academic text is "Mosby's Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Research Based Approach" (3rd ed) (2009). Dr Freeman maintains a private practice (Mind Matters Counseling) that specializes in counseling and behavioral medicine for patients with chronic disease and pain.

You may contact Dr. Freeman by email at or by calling her office manager, Lisa McBride, at (907) 202-6448.

Derek Welton, CTO/CFO

Derek Welton, CTO/CFO


Derek Welton was Chief Technology and Financial Officer for Mind Matters Research LLC. In that capacity, he provided invaluable technical and engineering expertise that significantly contributed to the successful completion of several mind-body, imagery-based clinical trials and programs. In 2008, he co-authored:

Derek had 47 years of experience in telecommunications, the last 26 as a director, managing technical groups that do planning, engineering, construction and maintenance of telecommunications systems. This experience served Mind Matters Research well as the organization aspired to provide cutting edge and research based behavioral medicine interventions to distant populations via telemedicine and videoconferencing systems.

Derek passed away in August, 2021, one week after a family vacation in Alaska. His contributions to the organization, and to the many patients it has served, will not be forgotten.


Alison Bonds Shapiro MBA

Alison Bonds Shapiro MBA

Alison Bonds Shapiro, stroke survivor, has a personal relationship with the power of transformation and imagery. Having made a remarkable recovery from two brain stem strokes, Alison works with stroke survivors and their families, provides motivational speaking for rehabilitation patients and their care networks in numerous locations including a leading HMO in Northern California, and is an advisor to a nonprofit dedicated to stroke survivors.

She is an artist and the illustrator of children's books: "Just for Today," and "The Adventures of Tigy and Elly," the author of "Healing into Possibility: the Transformational Lessons of a Stroke" and the co-producer of "What Now? Sharing Brain Recovery Lessons." Alison is also a highly regarded business consultant and coach and leads the Board of Trustees of Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco. Alison painted the hallmark artwork for the ERL program, "The Phoenix Transformation." This mythical painting can be seen at the bottom of each web page. Breast cancer survivors often describe the experience of being 'burned' or 'on fire' during their cancer treatment. In this program, they strive, like the Phoenix, to be 'renewed' after their treatment and to arise from the ashes of their experience a stronger being than before.

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Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D.

Lorenzo Cohen

Born in Rome, Italy, Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D., is Director of the Integrative Medicine Program at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. He joined the M.D. Anderson faculty in 1997 where he is Professor in the Departments of Behavioral Science, Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences, and the Department of General Oncology, Division of Cancer Medicine. He also is principal investigator of a National Cancer Institute grant for an International Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cancer.

Dr. Cohen's extensive body of research examines the bio-behavioral effects of psychosocial interventions and their potential for relieving side effects of cancer treatment and improving quality of life. His studies include the effects of meditation, stress management, emotional writing, Hatha yoga, Tibetan yoga, qigong, music therapy and integrative oncology education.

Dr. Cohen contributed to the "Envision the Rhythms of Life" program by serving as Lead Consultant for the clinical study which resulted in the creation and testing of the program (i.e. Multi-Media Imagery Study for Breast Cancer Patients Phase II) In that capacity, he reviewed all aspects of the grant and its program during Phase II, advised on grant design, and on how to make the program as effective as possible.

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