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Mind Matters Research LLC

The Behavioral Medicine Intervention is now available to all cancer and chronic disease patients. Contact us for more information. Phone: (907) 868-7737.

Attention Cancer and Chronic Disease Patients

Dance of the Neuropeptides
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Do you suffer from these symptoms?

The National Cancer Institute-funded ENVISION Behavioral Medicine Intervention has been clinically demonstrated to reduce and/or alleviate these symptoms. The Intervention is covered by most insurances and is available to patients and survivors effective July 15th, 2011. For more information, see the “About Envision” and “Intervention Description” pages, call Mind Matters Research LLC, or e-mail Dr. Freeman at lfreeman@mindmattersresearch.com


The original organization (Mind Matters Health Systems) was first conceived by Lyn Freeman in 1992. In the beginning, Mind Matters Health Systems (not yet a Limited Liability Corporation nor a research center) offered evidence-based training and classes on mind-body interventions, complementary and alternative medicine and integrative health care. Early customers included the University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Regional Hospital, Providence Hospital and individual chronic disease patients. While developing Mind Matters Health Systems and its associated organization, CompMed Alaska, Dr. Freeman authored the textbook "Mosby's Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Research-Based Approach." The first edition, published in late 1999, was nominated for Health Sciences Book of the Year. Now in its third edition, this textbook is used in universities across the U.S. and in other countries. The more than 6,000 clinical trials and studies surveyed in the textbook became the clinical foundation on which the ENVISION Intervention was created.

In 2003, Dr. Freeman decided to extend the scope of Mind Matters Health Systems to make it eligible as a grant-funded research agency. She was awarded her first National Cancer Institute grant in 2004 and utilized those funds to create and test the ENVISION Behavioral Medicine Intervention. Her initial research was completed in early 2006 and outcomes of that study were submitted for publication. The publications are available elsewhere on this website.

In 2006, Dr. Freeman pursued Phase II funding to finalize the Intervention. Her research pursuits were soon put on hold when her husband and research partner, Derek Welton, was diagnosed with advanced thyroid cancer. During Derek's treatment for cancer, Dr. Freeman applied for and received several small grant awards to support the future development of the Intervention. However, her attention was primarily focused on supporting her husband during his treatment and recovery efforts.

As Derek's condition improved in late 2007, husband and wife again submitted an application for Phase II National Cancer Institute funding. In September, 2008 they received notice that their efforts had been successful and the Intervention was soon finalized. With Phase II funding, Mind Matters Research evolved into Mind Matters Research LLC. Dr. Freeman became CEO of the corporation and Derek Welton its CFO/CTO. The Intervention's efficacy was tested with breast cancer survivors in Alaska and Washington State, producing statistically and clinically significant outcomes, compared to a control group (Grant # 2 R44CA117597-02A2). Based on these outcomes, the National Cancer Institute instructed Mind Matters Research LLC to make the Intervention available to cancer survivors as soon as possible. The 'launch' date for Intervention delivery to the public was set as July 15th, 2011. Five articles were scheduled for peer-reviewed journal submission by December, 2013.

There are currently few studies of imagery as therapy or behavioral intervention for breast cancer patients, and no other replicated studies of imagery as behavioral medicine intervention to specifically overcome the Institute of Medicine (IOM) identified late-term and long-term effects of cancer treatment. Mind Matters Research LLC's ENVISION Intervention, based on its documented outcomes, fills this 'gap' in medical and psychological care and will now be made available to cancer survivors throughout the United States.

In the coming years, Mind Matters Research LLC, Dr. Freeman and Derek Welton will seek to expand the Intervention's availability by collaborating with hospitals, out-patient clinics, and non-profit organizations across the country.

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