Mind Matters Research LLC (MMR) undertook the creation, testing, updating and refining of a product and BEHAVIORAL MEDICINE INTERVENTION to alleviate the post-treatment symptoms of cancer. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) identified those symptoms as 'chemobrain' (cognitive and memory impairment), fatigue, sleep deprivation, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

In 2005 and 2006, MMR developed and tested the first prototype of the product, a mind-body, imagery-based intervention titled, for patients and survivors, "Envision the Rhythms of Life." The research was funded by the National Cancer Institute and resulted in three peer-reviewed medical publications. Outcomes from the Phase I, within-group trial were highly statistically and clinically significant, demonstrating improvements in physical, social, family, emotional and functional well-being. Patient feedback during focus groups demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm from participants for the program and its benefits.

In September, 2008, the National Cancer Institute funded Phase II of this trial. The prototype was updated based on the newest scientific findings related to the late-term symptoms of cancer care, patients were recruited to participate in the trial, and the final product, delivered by licensed behavioral therapists, physicians and educational instructors was completed and tested. Animations, website, artwork, medical education materials, and videoconference equipment were tested, and in place for the clinical trial by August, 2009. Assessment of treatment outcomes were strengthened and 'targeted' to include changes in heartrate variability (HRV), as well as numerous quality of life variables. The study was completed in June, 2011 and outcomes demonstrated clinically and statistically significant improvements, as compared to controls. As in Phase I, patient enthusiasm for the intervention during Phase II was exceptionally high.

There are currently more than 14 million cancer survivors in the United States. This represents a potential Total Available Market (TAM) of almost 200 million dollars for MMR and its collaborators. Those numbers grow daily. Cancer survivors hunger for an intervention that will help them alleviate the late-term and long-term effects of the cancer treatments that saved their lives. Late-term effects can last for decades unless targeted interventions, based on scientific evidence, are available to mitigate those symptoms. No other behavioral medicine intervention has been created and clinically tested to target these precise symptoms.

Based on the outcomes from Phases I and II, and the overwhelming interest from survivors during the study period, we anticipate that the product "Envision the Rhythms of Life," with its therapeutic component, will be a highly successful and sought-after intervention. We seek collaborators to assist in providing this intervention to cancer populations across the country.

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